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Phenology and Climate Change
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  • Xiaoyang Zhang, South Dakota State University

Editor and contributing author: Xiaoyang Zhang

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Xiaoyang Zhang served as editor to this book, and contributing co-author to "Long-Term Detection of Global Vegetation Phenology from Satellite Instruments, pp. 297-320. Phenology, a study of animal and plant life cycle, is one of the most obvious and direct phenomena on our planet. The timing of phenological events provides vital information for climate change investigation, natural resource management, carbon sequence analysis, and crop and forest growth monitoring. This book summarizes recent progresses in the understanding of seasonal variation in animals and plants and its correlations to climate variables. With the contributions of phenological scientists worldwide, this book is subdivided into sixteen chapters and sorted in four parts: animal life cycle, plant seasonality, phenology in fruit plants, and remote sensing phenology. The chapters of this book offer a broad overview of phenology observations and climate impacts. Hopefully this book will stimulate further developments in relation to phenology monitoring, modeling and predicting.
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Xiaoyang Zhang. Phenology and Climate Change. (2012)
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