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世界民族 = Global Ethnic Studies
  • Xiaorong HAN, the University of Hawaiʻi System
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Journal article
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本文讨论的是个古老的题目 ,但试图(而非自信已经)达成两点新意 : 一是让东、西方学者实现一次对话;二是把汉、朝、越 3 个东方民族放在一起, 强调一 种东方模式 。本文支持东方民族在近代以前即已基本形成的观点,认为近代对于东 、 西方民族形成过程具有基本不同的意义 ,而促进东方民族形成的决定性因素是统一 的中央集权的国家以及为其服务的东方传统文化 ,而非近代资本主义 。= This article discusses an old theme with the attempt to achieve ,(but the author is not confident that he has alrdady achieved ,)tw o new purposes :one is to inviting the East and the w est scholars to have a dialog ;the other is to disscuss the Hans, the Koreans and the Viethamese thogether to stress an Oriental pattern .This article suppo rt the viewpoint that the Oriental nations had already formed in general befo re mdoern times, and holds that modern times were of basicly different significance for the fo rmation courses of the Oriental nations and the West nations, and it is not the modern capitalism but the unitary centralized state and the Oriental traditional cutlture w hich served such a state that was the decisive factor in promoting the formation of Oriental nations .
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韩孝荣 (1997)。东方民族的形成。 《世界民族 = Global Ethnic Studies》,3,12-27。