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Time-Dependent Reliability Analysis for Function Generator Mechanisms
Journal of Mechanical Design
  • Junfu Zhang
  • Xiaoping Du, Missouri University of Science and Technology

A function generator mechanism links its motion output and motion input with a desired functional relationship. The probability of realizing such functional relationship is the kinematic reliability. The time-dependent kinematic reliability is desired because it provides the reliability over the time interval where the functional relationship is defined. But the methodologies of time-dependent reliability are currently lacking for function generator mechanisms. We propose a mean value first-passage method for time-dependent reliability analysis. with the assumption of normality for random dimension variables with small variances, the motion error becomes a nonstationary Gaussian process. We at first derive analytical equations for upcrossing and downcrossing rates and then develop a numerical procedure that integrates the two rates to obtain the kinematic reliability. A four-bar function generator is used as an example. The proposed method is accurate and efficient for normally distributed dimension variables with small variances.

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Key Laboratory of Manufacturing and Automation of Sichuan Province
Missouri University of Science and Technology. Intelligent Systems Center
Xihua University
Keywords and Phrases
  • Function Generators,
  • Normal Distribution,
  • Reliability Analysis,
  • Kinematics,
  • Quality assurance,
  • Random variables
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Article - Journal
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Junfu Zhang and Xiaoping Du. "Time-Dependent Reliability Analysis for Function Generator Mechanisms" Journal of Mechanical Design (2011)
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