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Modeling Electrostatic Levitation of Dust Particles on Lunar Surface
Transactions of Plasma Science
  • Joseph Wang
  • Xiaoming He, Missouri University of Science and Technology
  • Yong Cao
This paper presents a simulation model on electro-static levitation of lunar dust particles in the lunar terminatorregion. Full-particle particle-in-cell simulations are carried outusing real ion to electron mass ratio to obtain plasma sheath,surface charging, and the transition point of surface electric field.Test particle simulations are carried out to simulate the levitationof dust particles from lunar surface. Results show that the dust lev-itation condition in the terminator region is sensitively influencedby the ambient plasma condition and surface charging, and thelevitation altitude varies significantly even for small changes of thesun elevation angle.
Mathematics and Statistics
Keywords and Phrases
  • electrostatic levitation of dust particles,
  • full-particle particle-in-cell (PIC),
  • lunar dust charging,
  • lunar surface charging
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Article - Journal
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Joseph Wang, Xiaoming He and Yong Cao. "Modeling Electrostatic Levitation of Dust Particles on Lunar Surface" Transactions of Plasma Science (2008)
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