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Size-dependent magnetic properties of high oxygen content YMn2O5±δ multiferroic nanoparticles
Journal of Applied Physics
  • C. Ma, Iowa State University
  • J.-Q. Yan, Iowa State University
  • Kevin W. Dennis, Iowa State University
  • R. William McCallum, Iowa State University
  • Xiaoli Tan, Iowa State University
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The effect of particle size on magnetic properties in single-crystalline multiferroic YMn2O5.07nanoparticles was investigated. A modified Pechini’s method was employed to synthesize YMn2O5.07powders with different particle sizes under an atmosphere of 10 bar O2. It was found that the multiferroic YMn2O5.07 compound displays a profound size dependence in its magnetic properties when the particles were smaller than 160 nm. With a decrease in particle size, a ferromagnetic-like phase with a broad transition emerges and the transition temperature increases. This ferromagnetic-like phase might be attributed to the surface layer of the nanoparticles and the broad magnetic transition could be caused by the dispersion of particle size and the size dependence of the transition temperature.

The following article appeared in Journal of Applied Physics 105 (2009): 033908, and may be found at

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C. Ma, J.-Q. Yan, Kevin W. Dennis, R. William McCallum, et al.. "Size-dependent magnetic properties of high oxygen content YMn2O5±δ multiferroic nanoparticles" Journal of Applied Physics Vol. 105 Iss. 3 (2009) p. 033908
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