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Contact printed Co/insulator/Co molecular junctions
Physics Faculty Research
  • Xiaojuan Fan, Marshall University
  • David L. Rogow
  • Claudia H. Swanson
  • Akhilesh Tripathi
  • Scott R. J. Oliver
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The authors report the contact printing of a Au/Co double layer (total thickness ∼20–40nm) onto a self-assembled monolayer surface to form molecular junctions under ambient conditions. The feature size ranges from 50×50μm2 to 2×2 mm2. Grazing incident x-ray diffraction of the multilayer junction shows all expected Au peaks, while elemental Co was confirmed by energy dispersive spectroscopy. Film thickness, roughness, and density were characterized by x-ray reflectivity. I-V measurements show a prominent hysteresis, likely associated with charge trapping at the metal-organic interface, not an intrinsic feature of alkanedithiol molecules.

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Fan, X., Rogow, D. L., Swanson, C. H., Tripathi, A., & Oliver, S. R. (2007). Contact printed Co/insulator/Co molecular junctions. Applied Physics Letters, 90(16):163114.