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Frictional Temperature Field and Wear Behavior of Steel 52100 With Different Microstructures
Journal of Tribiology
  • You Wang
  • Mufu Yan
  • Xiaodong Li, University of South Carolina - Columbia
  • Tingqun Lei
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In this paper, the frictional temperature fields and the wear resistance of steel 52100 with different microstructures during dry sliding were studied by wear testing and computer simulation for thermometric data, which were real-time recorded by a thermal video system, using a mathematical model of frictional temperature field. The results show that the wear resistances of different microstructures are in close relationship with the temperature fields in surface layers during sliding. It is suggested that, because the different microstructures possess different thermal conductivities, the different microstructures will exhibit different frictional temperature fields, which will affect the wear resistances themselves. The less the thermal conductivity, the higher is the surface temperature during sliding, the lower is the wear resistance too.
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You Wang, Mufu Yan, Xiaodong Li and Tingqun Lei. "Frictional Temperature Field and Wear Behavior of Steel 52100 With Different Microstructures" Journal of Tribiology Vol. 116 Iss. 2 (1994) p. 255 - 259
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