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Elastic Modulus of Amorphous SiO2 Nanowires
Applied Physics Letters
  • Hai Ni
  • Xiaodong Li, University of South Carolina - Columbia
  • Hongsheng Gao
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Amorphous SiO2 nanowires with diameter ranging from 50 to 100 nm were synthesized using chemical vapor deposition(CVD) under an argon atmosphere at atmospheric pressure. Nanoscale three-point bending tests were performed directly on individual amorphous SiO2 nanowires using an atomic force microscope (AFM).Elastic modulus of the amorphous SiO2 nanowires was measured to be 76.6±7.2GPa, which is close to the reported value of the bulk SiO2 and thermally grown SiO2 thin films, but lower than that of plasma-enhanced CVD SiO2 thin films. The amorphous SiO2 nanowires exhibit brittle fracture failure in bending.
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Hai Ni, Xiaodong Li and Hongsheng Gao. "Elastic Modulus of Amorphous SiO2 Nanowires" Applied Physics Letters Vol. 88 Iss. 4 (2006) p. #043108
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