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Near Infrared Long-Persistent Phosphorescence in La3Ga5GeO14:Cr3+ Phosphor
Optics Express
  • Wuzhao Yan, University of Georgia
  • Feng Liu, University of Georgia
  • Yi-Ying Lu, University of Georgia
  • Xiao-Jun Wang, Georgia Southern University
  • Min Yin, University of Science and Technology of China
  • Zhengwei Pan, University of Georgia
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Near infrared (NIR; 660−1300 nm) long-persistent phosphorescence from Cr3+ ions with persistence time of more than 1 hour was realized in La3Ga5GeO14:Cr3+ phosphor (with or without co-dopants such as Li+, Zn2+, Ca2+, Mg2+ and Dy3+). The NIR phosphorescence can be effectively achieved under UV illumination (~240−360 nm) but is barely achieved by blue light (~480 nm) irradiation, even though the blue light excitation are effective to the NIR fluorescence. The NIR phosphorescence mechanisms were discussed by measuring the irradiation energy dependence of the phosphorescence intensity.
Citation Information
Wuzhao Yan, Feng Liu, Yi-Ying Lu, Xiao-Jun Wang, et al.. "Near Infrared Long-Persistent Phosphorescence in La3Ga5GeO14:Cr3+ Phosphor" Optics Express Vol. 18 Iss. 19 (2010) p. 20215 - 20221
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