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Abrupt Change in Neon Discharge Plasma Detected through Optogalvanic Effects
Thin Solid Films
  • Xianming Han, Butler University
  • Michael C. Blosser
  • Prabhakar Misra
  • Haridass Chandran
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When a laser is tuned between two excited energy levels of a gas in a Direct Current discharge lamp, the discharge current will experience a temporary disturbance lasting tens or hundreds of microseconds known as the optogalvanic effect. We have carried out extensive studies of optogalvanic effects in neon discharge plasmas for transitions at 621.7 nm, 630.5 nm, 638.3 nm, 650.7 nm and 659.9 nm. A nonlinear least-squares Monte Carlo technique has been used to determine the relevant amplitude coefficients, decay rates and the instrumental time constant. We discovered an abrupt change in the neon discharge plasma at a discharge current of about 6 mA.
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Xianming Han, Michael C. Blosser, Prabhakar Misra and Haridass Chandran. "Abrupt Change in Neon Discharge Plasma Detected through Optogalvanic Effects" Thin Solid Films Vol. 521 (2012) p. 155 - 157
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