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Vital Progenix
Vital Progenix (2018)
  • wxjx coffee, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Vital Progenix always had a good erection, there were no problems with the girls, I could have sex for an hour or two. But lately, for some reason, premature ejaculation began to occur. What to do? It worries me a lot.
69. Peter, Saratov Hello, I have a short penis frenulum, on the phone the doctor said? that it is necessary to cut it, I want to know how long this procedure lasts, and how painful is it?
Answer: Peter, hello. Short bridle of the penis - surgical treatment. The procedure can be carried out both in the in-patient department and in the conditions of outpatient polyclinic. The operation lasts 10-15 minutes (depending on the experience and qualifications of the operator), always using local anesthetics.
70. Denis, Kostroma Hello doctor! I am 29 years old, I have a problem that during intercourse I quickly finish, went to the urologist: the prostate is normal, it seems there are no pathologies, the doctor advised to take ENERION, can you solve this problem? Thanks in advance for your reply!
  • Vital Progenix
Publication Date
Spring July 9, 2018
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wxjx coffee. "Vital Progenix" Vital Progenix (2018)
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