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Unpublished Paper
Commons / Commodity: Peer Production Caught in the Web of the Commercial Market
  • Bingchun Meng, London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Fei Wu, University of Surrey

The development of digital technology and computer networks has enabled many kinds of online collaboration. This article examines Zimuzu, a Chinese case of online peer production, which provides an opportunity to extend our understanding of how the tensions between the commodity and commons production models are being articulated in an online setting. Using empirical evidence collected from face-to-face interviews, online posts and online ethnographic observation, our analysis demonstrates that there is constant negotiation over which aspects of the two seemingly opposing models will be adopted by the community. We argue that it is important to conceptualize the peer production process as being influenced by power relations within and between the translation groups as well as between the groups and other commercial organizations.

  • Peer production,
  • commons,
  • power,
  • online community,
  • Zimuzu
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Bingchun Meng and Fei Wu. "Commons / Commodity: Peer Production Caught in the Web of the Commercial Market" (2011)
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