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Holistic Mission: God's Plan for God's People
  • Wonsuk Ma, Oral Roberts University
Holistic mission, or integral mission, implies God is concerned with the whole person, the whole community: body, mind and spirit. Many Christians concentrate only on one aspect. This book reaffirms that to be true to the Bible, to follow the example of Jesus, the church must address the whole person in all their needs. It considers the meaning of the holistic gospel, how it has developed, and implications for the individual Christian, for the local church, for denominations and church groups, for missionary societies, for Christian NGOs, and for theological training institutions. It takes a global, eclectic approach, with 19 writers, church leaders, academics and practitioners, all of whom have much experience in, and commitment to, holistic mission. It addresses critically and honestly one of the most exciting, challenging, and important issues facing the church today. To be part of God's plan for God's people, the church must take holistic mission to the world.
  • Holistic Mission,
  • Global Christianity,
  • Christianity,
  • Biblical Studies
Publication Date
Wonsuk Ma and Brian Woolnough
Regnum Books
Regnum Edinburgh 2010
Citation Information
Wonsuk Ma. Holistic Mission: God's Plan for God's People. Oxford(2010)
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