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Achieving supply chain management excellence
Total Quality Management & Business Excellence
  • Shiu Ho, Alfred WONG, Lingnan University
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Journal article
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Companies are increasingly aware that they need to work together with their supply partners in order to best serve their customers and achieve business excellence. This paper makes use of the Supply Chain Management Excellence Model previously developed by the author to indicate how companies can get the best support from their suppliers to outperform their competitors. The model has incorporated in it the success factors of total quality management principles and concepts. It has been previously tested using the supply chain activities of 139 companies in Hong Kong. This paper will look at the content validity of the model constructs and apply the model to two companies. Answers from 59 companies to an open-ended question on their suppliers provide support for the content validity of the model constructs. In-depth interviews on the application of the model were conducted with the supply chain managers of two companies. Results support the belief that the model would be useful for companies to achieve supply chain management excellence.

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Wong, A. (2003). Achieving supply chain management excellence. Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, 14(2), 151-159. doi: 10.1080/1478336032000051331