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Personality Types of Hong Kong Kindergarten Teachers: Implications for Teacher Education
Australian Journal of Teacher Education
  • Yau-ho Paul Wong, Hong Kong Institute of Education
  • Zhang Li-fang, The University of Hong Kong
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While an individual’s personality is related to his or her well-being, little research has examined kindergarten teachers’ personality. This research was the first to investigate Hong Kong kindergarten teachers’ personality types using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Three hundred and seventy-one kindergarten teachers voluntarily responded to the MBTI. Findings showed that Hong Kong kindergarten teachers were predominantly of the sensing-feeling-judging personality types, characterized by being realistic, conventional, and considerate to others’ feelings. In addition, principals and head teachers in kindergartens tended to be extraverted. Results also suggested a very low percentage of intuitive kindergarten teachers, indicating that teachers’ personality types might be field-bound. Implications of these findings in relation to teacher education are discussed.
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Yau-ho Paul Wong and Zhang Li-fang. "Personality Types of Hong Kong Kindergarten Teachers: Implications for Teacher Education" (2013)
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