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Citizenship and Education in Twenty-eight Countries : civic knowledge and engagement at age fourteen.
  • Judith Torney-Purta
  • Rainer Lehmann
  • Hans Oswald
  • Wolfram Schulz

This current publication, Citizenship and education in twenty-eight countries, presents the first results of Phase 2 of the study. It follows a style similar to that traditionally used by IEA, and it complements the more qualitative approach of the first volume by reporting quantitative information from the tests, surveys and questionnaires. Together, the two publications provide a complete and remarkable picture of civic education policies, practices and results across countries in the late 1990s. Having identified and discussed the outcomes of our respective countries in an international context, we know that the time has arrived to pay special attention to the factors that merit consideration and possible action. Wise action requires a deep knowledge of the field. The comparative view helps us set our reflections in a context that allows us to interpret and to explain. In this manner, the value of an international approach can be truly realised. It is this realisation that is exactly the kind of contribution IEA can make to the development of education and educational systems. In the end, our activities can only be justified if they contribute to the advancement of societies made up of better-developed individuals.

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Judith Torney-Purta, Rainer Lehmann, Hans Oswald and Wolfram Schulz. "Citizenship and Education in Twenty-eight Countries : civic knowledge and engagement at age fourteen." (2001)
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