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Chapter 06: Analyses in cultural anthropology
Law and Anthropology - Outlines, Issues, Suggestions (2008)
  • Wolfgang Fikentscher
Inclusive online updates jan10. Chapter 6, on anthropological analyses, starts with a criticism of ethnocentrism by using some contemporary examples, including the much debated “export of democracy”, in connection with Immanuel Kant’s theory of “eternal peace” through democracy. Chapter 6 also introduces the new idea of using synepeia analysis, as developed for the cultural anthropology of the modes of thoughts, as useful for other issues of cultural anthropology as well. This adds a new dimension to the much debated emic-etic discussion. It will be shown that a solution to this discussion might be the replacement of the traditional inside-outside approach by a consequential - “synepeical” - separation of epistemological levels and meta-levels: One wants to know something – then one discovers the other who also wants to know something about the same object – and then one has to proceed on one’s way of thinking taking into consideration the other’s way of thinking which can only be done by stipulating meta-facts and meta-values. That procedure amounts to a more satisfying re-orientation of the emic-etic issue
Publication Date
4.) Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften, C.H. Beck in Kommission
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Wolfgang Fikentscher. "Chapter 06: Analyses in cultural anthropology" Law and Anthropology - Outlines, Issues, Suggestions (2008)
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