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Chapter 04: Social norms
Law and Anthropology - Outlines, Issues, Suggestions (2008)
  • Wolfgang Fikentscher
Inclusive online updates jan10. The issue of social norms, well-known in moral theory, has not yet been much discussed in cultural anthropology. Chapter 4 develops a theory of social norms by identifying them with the fora on which humans can be held responsible.
  • the theory of law,
  • morals,
  • custom,
  • etiquette,
  • habits,
  • religious norms,
  • political force,
  • conscienceas fora
Publication Date
Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften, C.H. Beck in Kommission
Citation Information
Wolfgang Fikentscher. "Chapter 04: Social norms" MunichLaw and Anthropology - Outlines, Issues, Suggestions (2008)
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