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Sustainable biogas energy in Poland: Prospects and challenges
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews (2012)
  • Wojciech M. Budzianowski, Wroclaw University of Technology
The article investigates prospects and challenges for expanding of sustainable biogas energy in Poland. The number of Polish biogas fuelled power plants and installed electrical power during the 2001-2010 decade is presented. Current economical incentives for biogas energy are discussed. It is emphasized that some revisions to the Polish tradable certificate system are urgently needed in order to encourage energy crop cultivation and the use of best available power technologies. Further, promising, but mostly unexplored feedstocks, such as energy crops, grasses and sorted municipal organic wastes are analyzed. It is also revealed that agrobiogas is characterized by a unique feature of 'negative net' CO2 atmospheric emissions and thus the role of agrobiogas in solving Polish CCS dilemmas is discussed. In regard to biogas energy systems it is stressed, that the cost of electricity from biogas is almost independent on the size of agrobiogas CHP power plants in the range of 0.2 to 5 MWe. Therefore, agrobiogas energy is well suited for distributed energy systems involving small-scale agrobiogas power plants offering more green jobs and improved local waste management characteristics. Finally, reliable technologies suitable for biogas energy conversion and upgrading of biogas fuel to marketable gaseous fuels are briefly characterized.
  • Biogas,
  • Electricity,
  • Gaseous fuels,
  • Sustainable energy,
  • Poland
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Wojciech M. Budzianowski. "Sustainable biogas energy in Poland: Prospects and challenges" Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews Vol. 16 Iss. 1 (2012)
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