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About L. A. Witt

Under the broad rubric of strategy-culture alignment, L. A. Witt investigates how leaders can adapt their motivational approaches to match the personalities of their employees and characteristics of the business unit, overall organization, and business environment.


Present Research Associate, Hobby Center for Public Policy, University of Houston
Present Professor of Management, University of Houston
Present Professor of Psychology, University of Houston

Research Interests

Strategy-Culture Alignment, Personality, Leadership, Social Effectiveness, External Customer Service, Internal Customer Service, Work-Family Balance, Counterproductive Work Behavior, Organizational Politics, Job Performance, Organizational Support, Occupational Health and Safety, Diversity, Selection and Training, and Teams

Honors and Awards

  • Fellow, Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology
  • Fellow, American Psychological Association
  • Fellow, Association for Psychological Science

Contact Information

Voice: 713-487-7763


Personality and Performance (2)

Configural Nature of Personality (2)

Leadership (2)

Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) (2)

Social Effectiveness (2)

External Customer Service (2)

Internal Customer Service (2)

Work-Family Balance (2)

Counterproductive Work Behavior (2)

Organizational Politics (2)

Job Performance (2)

Organizational Support (2)

Occupational Health (2)