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Library Information Technology
The Portable MLIS: Insights from the experts (2017)
  • Win Shih
  • Deborah Holmes-Wong
On a recent visit to your local library’s web site, perhaps you searched for the latest best seller, new car ratings from Consumer Reports, historic photographs of your neighborhood, your overdue fines, calendar of events, or library news. You likely did not stop to think about where the information you needed was coming from or how it got there. Each of those activities involved one or more technologies implemented in the Web site to make it easier for you to find quality, vetted information.  Through its content management system, the library web site integrates the public facing parts of library systems such as the integrated library system, electronic resource management system, openURL resolver, digital library, RSS feeds and social media.  These systems and technologies help you and other patrons find content the library has selected for your use.
  • Library Information Technology,
  • digital library,
  • integrated library system
Publication Date
K. Haycock & M. Romaniuk
Libraries Unlimited
Citation Information
Win Shih and Deborah Holmes-Wong. "Library Information Technology" Santa Barbara, CAThe Portable MLIS: Insights from the experts (2017)
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