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Expanding Professional Network and Growth through Social Media
IFLA Satellite Meeting (2016)
  • Win Shih
  • Jeannette E. Pierce, University of Missouri
Social media tools, employing the latest information and communications technologies, offer a collaborative platform for library and information professionals to create, share, and exchange information, career interests, innovative ideas, and best practices in virtual community and network.  Furthermore, these tools are widely accessible, inexpensive, and mobile.  They enable library professionals to connect, form partnerships, lead, advocate, and strategically influence decision-makers in an unprecedented manner.  At the micro and personal level, social media tools further offer a low-cost option for developing personal learning networks, amplifying access to resources, building a grassroots community of practice, and strengthening professional reach and growth.  
  • Professional development,
  • Social media,
  • librarianship,
  • Information professional
Publication Date
Cleveland, OH
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Win Shih and Jeannette E. Pierce. "Expanding Professional Network and Growth through Social Media" IFLA Satellite Meeting (2016)
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