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Mindful Leadership in Troubled Times
Focus (2017)
  • William W Riggs
Hate speech and racism; hurricanes and wildfires; mass shootings and threats of nuclear war; in these times planners
and policy makers can become overwhelmed by the challenges our communities face. How do we build neighborhoods
and cities that are both sustainable and just (Agyeman, Bullard, & Evans, 2012)? The issues planners see in the media
can be both distracting and unnerving. How do planners function in this context? How do those that make policy and shape communities continue to make a change? How do agents of change keep their compass or “true north”? While many might suggest planning for uncertainty, a call for scenario planning, backcasting from an ideal utopian future or some planning method, I believe that there may be a more simple answer.
  • leadership,
  • management,
  • mindfulness
Publication Date
Fall December 31, 2017
Citation Information
William W Riggs. "Mindful Leadership in Troubled Times" Focus (2017)
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