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Why Autonomous Vehicles Probably Won't Induce Sprawl (2016)
  • William W Riggs
  • Michael R Boswell
The emergence and reality of autonomous vehicles (AVs) and full driving automation will dramatically shape the future of cities. Many have speculated that this will result in a ripple effect of impacts, including longer commutes and increased vehicle miles traveled (VMT)—which one 2014 report referred to as "decluttering." In a June 2016 article in the Wall Street Journal, journalist Christopher Mimms predicts changes in urban growth patterns, with more cities sprawling beyond their bounds, will result in a "new class of exurbs." Respected author Rebecca Solnit argued that AVs will poach from transit and kill the walkable city.
  • autonomous vehicles,
  • urban sprawl,
  • urban planning,
  • cities,
  • future
Publication Date
Summer August 31, 2016
Citation Information
William W Riggs and Michael R Boswell. "Why Autonomous Vehicles Probably Won't Induce Sprawl" (2016)
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