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Making Local Government Tech Investment a Priority
Medium (2016)
  • William W Riggs
In scanning recent the past few months of business news and press releases, it is clear that US has gone mobile. Google, Apple, Yahoo and Facebook have all released earnings reports that indicate their future investment strategy in mobile platforms. This is clear trend, and most experts agree that more people will access the Internet via mobile phones and tablets than desktop computers in the next year. Yet, while this trend of proliferation highlights growth in the private sector, what remains unclear is how the public section, and particularly local government, is responding — especially given the recent highlights in the media for open governance. 
  • egovernance,
  • technology,
  • website design,
  • smart cities
Publication Date
Summer 2016
Citation Information
William W Riggs. "Making Local Government Tech Investment a Priority" Medium (2016)
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