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CalPoly 2015 Transportation Survey Report
  • William W Riggs
In the spring of 2015, City & Regional Planning faculty conducted a campus-wide transportation survey as part of work on the campus Climate Action Plan. The survey represented spring 2014 commutes and was issued to a sample of full and part-time CalPoly faculty, staff, students and auxiliaries with assistance from Facilities Services and the Vice President for Administration and Finance.
The total number of responses was 3,961, roughly 17% of the entire campus population of roughly 23,000. Unsurprisingly, the majority of respondents were students, totaling 68.6%, while the rest were made up of faculty, staff, and visitors. Results are significant at the 99% Confidence Interval with a margin of error of ± 1.68%.  
  • climate change,
  • transportation,
  • climate action plan,
  • calpoly
Publication Date
Winter January 26, 2016
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William W Riggs. "CalPoly 2015 Transportation Survey Report" (2016)
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