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Dealing with Parking Issues on an Urban Campus: The Case of UC Berkeley
Case Studies on Transport Policy (2014)
  • William W Riggs, California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo
Many transportation planning studies focus on mode-of-transportation as a static variable, not accounting for a range of user decisions such as miles traveled or (if driving) the duration of time between departure and arrival. Existing research into parking decisions investigates factors that determine or underlie mode choice decisions (0120, 0135 and 0150). However, these studies do not address specific interventions tied to less driving and to projected reductions in greenhouse gas GHG emissions, This study looks at dynamic variables to see how parking price reforms, traveler information systems and incentives affect an increase in the use of public transit and non-motorized modes among the faculty and staff at UC Berkeley. Through a stated preference survey this study assessed the participants’ responsiveness to changes in pricing and information to reveal how a campus population can 1) search less for parking, 2) drive fewer days per week and 3) switch modes entirely. The University is one of the largest regional employers in the San Francisco Bay Area, generating consistently close to 50,000 daily trips to the campus (0105 and 0155). Data from transportation surveys and geographic information systems (GIS) technology showed the percent of faculty or staff within walkable distance or bikeable distance (36%), or in areas that are transit accessible (48%). Regression analysis also indicates that social factors and incentives can have a strong pull on driving behavior. This means that focusing on such transportation demand management programs can result in fewer vehicle miles traveled and greenhouse gas emissions along with a more more equitable and accessible campus environs. It also justifies the need for campuses to systematically document and benchmark commuting behavior.
  • Transportation,
  • Mode-shift,
  • Parking,
  • Pricing,
  • Incentives
Publication Date
Summer August 11, 2014
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William W Riggs. "Dealing with Parking Issues on an Urban Campus: The Case of UC Berkeley" Case Studies on Transport Policy (2014)
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