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Alumni House (Mayhew, Vaughn & Halprin) Historic Structure Report
  • William Riggs, California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo
  • Frederic Knapp
  • Steve Finacom
  • Chris VerPlanck
Designed by architect Clarence W. Mayhew, with the landscape design by H. Leland Vaughn and Lawrence Halprin, Alumni House was constructed in 1953-54 on the south bank of Strawberry Creek, immediately west of the site of the proposed California Student Center. Described as a “home on the campus,” Alumni House was designed for the use of the California Alumni Association (CAA) as a gathering place for returning University of California alumni, as well as an office building for employees of the CAA. This HSR documents the history, existing conditions, and character defining features of this building and its landscaping, as well examining the potential architectural and historical significance of the property. This HSR establishes a hierarchy of spaces and elements, understanding that parts of the building and landscape may be more significant and intact than others due to their inherent architectural value or historical associations. Throughout this report we have sought to identify the most characteristic features and spaces worthy of retention as well as other features or spaces that may be better-suited to change.
  • historic structures reports,
  • historic,
  • uc berkeley,
  • mid-century modern
Publication Date
September 28, 2011
Citation Information
William Riggs, Frederic Knapp, Steve Finacom and Chris VerPlanck. "Alumni House (Mayhew, Vaughn & Halprin) Historic Structure Report" (2011)
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