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Banking on the Euro: Changes and Challenges
Managerial Finance (1999)
  • William K. Templeton, Butler University
  • Charlotte A. Bond

Note: full-text not available due to publisher restrictions. Link takes you to an external site where you can locate the article at your local library.

Considers the likely effects of EMU and the introduction of the euro on the “fragmented” European banking industry. Recognizes that transition to the euro will be expensive in terms of equipment, training, customer care etc.; and that some new products and services will be demanded (e.g. cross-border cash management systems, euro-denominated bonds etc.) while others will decline (e.g. foreign exchange hedging, commercial loans etc.). Refers to US experience to identify growth opportunities and discusses the current and future impact of increased competition in the new market; and strategies for surviving it.

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William K. Templeton and Charlotte A. Bond. "Banking on the Euro: Changes and Challenges" Managerial Finance Vol. 25 Iss. 11 (1999)
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