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In Dante's Ninth Circle
Patient Educ Couns (2010)
  • William T. Branch, Jr. Md, MACP, Emory University
The article describes several of my personal experiences with dying patients and their families and provides my reflections on these experiences: Introduction: Struggling for an excuse, I explained to the man on the phone that I was cutting back on my practice. I had taken the call because it came from my hometown. Now the caller, Richard, played his trump card, "I was having dinner with your brother-in-law on Saturday. He told me I must get you to be the doctor for my brother." Stuck, I suggested a compromise. I would arrange for his semi comatose brother's transfer to our University Hospital where he would receive care from our hospitalist team. I would look in on him frequently and be available to advise the family.
  • dyping,
  • palliative care
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William T. Branch. "In Dante's Ninth Circle" Patient Educ Couns Vol. 84 (2010)
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