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Cover Story: A Modus Vivendi? Sex, Marriage and the Church
  • William L. Portier
  • Nancy Dallavalle, Fairfield University
  • Christopher C. Roberts
  • Tina Beattie
  • R. R. Reno
  • Patricia Hampl
  • Luke Timothy Johnson
  • Leslie Woodcock Tentler
  • Paul Baumann
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The article presents divergent views on an analysis by historian Eamon Duffy of the Catholic Church's response to shifting attitude towards sex and marriage in the West. Duffy noted that the church is increasingly confronted with the need to evolve a modus vivendi with social trends. Many Catholics are said to have disregarded the church's teachings on sex and marriage. Other topics tackled include the increasing rate of divorce, premarital sex, same-sex unions and sexual education.

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Portier, William L.,Dallavalle, Nancy,Roberts, Christopher C.,Beattie, Tina,Reno, R. R.,Hampl, Patricia,Johnson, Luke Timothy,Tentler, Leslie Woodcock,Baumann, Paul. “Cover Story: A Modus Vivendi? Sex, Marriage and the Church” Commonweal 139(1), (13 January 2012) 12-19.
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William L. Portier, Nancy Dallavalle, Christopher C. Roberts, Tina Beattie, et al.. "Cover Story: A Modus Vivendi? Sex, Marriage and the Church" Commonweal Vol. 139 Iss. 1 (2012)
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