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Evaluation of Patient Centered Medical Home Practice Transformation Initiatives
Medical Care
  • Benjamin F Crabtree, PhD
  • Sabrina M Chase, PhD
  • Christopher G Wise, PhD, MHA
  • Gordon D Schiff, MD
  • Laura A Schmidt, PhD, MSW, MPH
  • Jeanette R Goyzueta, MPH
  • Rebecca A Malouin, PhD, MPH
  • Susan M. C. Payne, PhD, MPH
  • Michael T Quinn, PhD
  • Paul A Nutting, MD, MSPH
  • William L Miller, MD, Lehigh Valley Health Network
  • Carlos Roberto Jaén, MD, PhD
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Crabtree, B., Chase, S., Wise, C., Schiff, G., Schmidt, L., Goyzueta, J., & ... Jaén, C. (2011). Evaluation of patient centered medical home practice transformation initiatives. Medical Care, 49(1), 10-16. doi:10.1097/MLR.0b013e3181f80766