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Using Learning Teams for Reflective Adaptation (ULTRA): Insights From a Team-Based Change Managment Strategy in Primary Care
Annals Of Family Medicine
  • Bijal A Balasubramanian, MBBS, PhD
  • Sabrina M Chase, PhD
  • Paul A Nutting, MD, MSPH
  • Deborah J Cohen, PhD
  • Pamela A Ohman Strickland, PhD
  • Jesse C Crosson, PhD
  • William L Miller, MD, Lehigh Valley Health Network
  • Benjamin F Crabtree, PhD
  • ULTRA Study Team, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
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Balasubramanian, B., Chase, S., Nutting, P., Cohen, D., Strickland, P., Crosson, J., & ... Crabtree, B. (2010). Using Learning Teams for Reflective Adaptation (ULTRA): insights from a team-based change management strategy in primary care. Annals Of Family Medicine, 8(5), 425-432. doi:10.1370/afm.1159