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Small-Angle Neutron Scattering from Polypentenamer Sulfonate Ionomers
Macromolecules (1982)
  • William MacKnight, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • T. R. Earnest, Jr.
  • Julia S. Higgins
The physical structure of polypent.enamer suHonat.e ionomers has been investigat.ed by small-angle neutron scatt.ering (SANS) and small-angle X-ray scatt.ering (SAXS). For a 17% cesium salt, a SAXS peak is observed in the dry stat.e at a value of the scatt.ering vector Q = 0.18, but this ionomer peak is undet.ectable by SANS. The addition of several molecules per salt group affords adequat.e neutron scatt.ering contrast to identify a scatt.ering maximum corresponding to the X-ray peak. SANS maxima are also observed in swollen 5.8% and 12% polypent.enamer ionomers as well as in hydrogenated ionomers. Higher cont.ents appear to effect a physical change in the ionomers-the peak position shifts to much lower angles and the peak int.ensity greatly increases. The SANS results are similar to those obtained from a fluorocarbon sulfonat.e ionomer and show behavior consist.ent with a phase-separated morphology. 
  • Small-Angle,
  • Neutron Scattering,
  • Polypentenamer Sulfonate,
  • Ionomers
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William MacKnight, T. R. Earnest and Julia S. Higgins. "Small-Angle Neutron Scattering from Polypentenamer Sulfonate Ionomers" Macromolecules Vol. 15 (1982) p. 1390 - 1395
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