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Sulfonation of a Polypentenamer and Preparation of Its Hydrogenated Derivatives
Macromolecules (1979)
  • William MacKnight, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • D. Rahrig
  • R. W. Lenz
Polypentenamer has been sulfonated using a 1:1 complex of sulfur trioxide and triethyl phosphate in chloroform. A range of polymers containing from 1.9 to 19. l mo! % sulfonate groups was prepared by this reagent and isolated in the form of sodium salts. These materials are initially free from covalent cross-links but cross-linking occurs with aging unless the polymers are stabilized with a free-radical scavenger such as hydroquinone. The unsaturated bonds in these materials can be removed by hydrogenation with p­toluenesulfonyl hydrazide. The hydrogenated derivatives are crystalline and no longer require a stabilizer to inhibit cross-linking. Both the unsaturated and hydrogenated polymers are hydrophilic. 
  • Sulfonation,
  • Polypentenamer,
  • Preparation,
  • Hydrogenated Derivatives
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William MacKnight, D. Rahrig and R. W. Lenz. "Sulfonation of a Polypentenamer and Preparation of Its Hydrogenated Derivatives" Macromolecules Vol. 12 (1979) p. 195 - 203
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