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Lattice Simulation of Mixtures of Flexible and Semi-Flexible Chains
Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings (1989)
  • William MacKnight, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • P. Cifra
  • F. E. Karasz
Miscibility behavior in a binary polymer m1xture composed of flexible and semiflexible chains has been examined by Monte Carlo simulat1ons on a cubic- lattice. It is shown that as the flexibility of one component 1n an 1n1tially m1sc1ble m1xture of flex1ble cha1ns of both kinds 1s reduced the m1scib111ty of the system is not necessarily lost. In fact, flex1ble cha1ns 1n the m1xture can adjust to th1s s1tuat1on and the equ111br1um number of segmental contacts between the blend components 1s reta1ned. The s1tuation 1s changed 1n systems 1n wh1ch the loss of flex1b111ty 1s coupled w1th an aggregation tendency of the semiflex1ble cha1ns. The disparity between blend components due to the presence of orientational correlat1ons between the semiflexible chains to a certain extent dr1ves the system towards demix1ng. However, the dominant role 1n miscibil1ty behav1or 1n m1xtures of flex1ble and sem1flexible chains is played by intermolecular interactions between blend components. 
  • Lattice,
  • Simulation,
  • Mixtures,
  • Flexible,
  • Semi-Flexible,
  • Chains
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William MacKnight, P. Cifra and F. E. Karasz. "Lattice Simulation of Mixtures of Flexible and Semi-Flexible Chains" Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings Vol. 134 (1989) p. 235 - 242
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