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The Effect of Chain Microstructure on Polymer- Polymer Miscibility
Croatica Chimica Acta (1987)
  • William MacKnight, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • A. C. Balazs
  • F. E. Karasz
A mean field model for the miscibility of binary polymer 
systems containing random copolymers has been extended to take 
into account the microstructure of the respective macromolecular constituents. The resulting model has been applied to the special 
case of mixtures of copolymers containing identical moieties but differing in microstructure and or composition. An example of 
such a system is the mixture of polyvinyl chloride and chlorinated polyethylene. 
  • Chain Microstructure,
  • Polymer-Polymer,
  • Miscibility
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William MacKnight, A. C. Balazs and F. E. Karasz. "The Effect of Chain Microstructure on Polymer- Polymer Miscibility" Croatica Chimica Acta Vol. 60 (1987) p. 147 - 154
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