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The Rangeley Spinner: An American Fishing Favorite
  • William B. Krohn, University of Maine
The Rangeley Spinner was invented in western Maine almost 140 years ago. The spinner's inventor, and first manufacturer, was long-time Maine Fisheries Commissioner, Henry O. Stanley of Dixfield. This exceptionally popular fishing lure has stood the test of time by being made and sold continuously for well over a century by many makers in many places, but mostly in Maine. This book will document this Rangeley Spinner's history, including the many varieties made and the spinner's numerous makers.

The book's working outline is as follows: Preface, Introduction, Anatomy of a Rangeley Spinner, Henry O. Stanley - The Originator, Other Early Maine Makers, Makers from Away, Rangeleys by Other Names, Pearl Rangeley Spinners, Modern Maine Makers, Closing Comments, References, and Index.
  • fishing lure collecting,
  • outdoor sporting history,
  • Maine cottage industry
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William B. Krohn. The Rangeley Spinner: An American Fishing Favorite. (2018)
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