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The Life and Writings of Manly Hardy (1832-1910): Fur Buyer, Hunter, and Naturalist
  • William B. Krohn, University of Maine - Main
Manly Hardy was a nineteenth century businessman from Brewer, Maine. Like his father, Hardy owned and worked farmlands and woodlots, and two wharfs along the Penobscot River. The Hardys’ primary source of income was as dealers in animal hides and raw furs. The father of Maine historian Fannie Hardy Eckstorm, Hardy hunted and traveled along the Down East Coast early in his life and throughout his life took trips to the forests of eastern, central, and northern Maine. This book is intended for folklorists, historians, biologists, hunters, trappers, and others interested in northern New England’s outdoor heritage. Although out of print at this time, it is available through many libraries.

A biographical sketch of Manly Hardy at the beginning of this book provides an introduction for Hardy’s republished articles that follow. Of Hardy’s republished works, two are long pieces about trips he took in the North Maine Woods whereas the others are about caribou, cougar, lynx, moose, otter, porpoise, sea mink (extinct), wolves, and other wildlife species. Also included in this book is an annotated bibliography of Hardy’s published work.
  • naturalists,
  • biography,
  • Maine,
  • hunting,
  • outdoor heritage,
  • wildlife
Publication Date
University of Maine, Maine Folklife Center, Northeast Folklore (this book is out of print)
Citation Information
William B. Krohn. The Life and Writings of Manly Hardy (1832-1910): Fur Buyer, Hunter, and Naturalist. Vol. XXXVIII (2005)
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