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About William B. Krohn

Dr. William B. Krohn is a retired wildlife scientist who served for almost 40 years in a number of administrative and research positions for the U.S. Department of the Interior. During the last 27 years of his career, he was leader of the Maine Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit at the University of Maine. There he specialized in mapping wildlife habitats and determining the effects of environmental change on forest carnivores. In addition to authoring/co-authoring more than 110 scientific publications, Dr. Krohn authored two books about early Maine naturalists: MANLY HARDY from Brewer, Maine, and JOSHUA GROSS RICH of Bethel. Dr. Krohn, along with former graduate student Chris Hoving, authored EARLY MAINE WILDLIFE, a reference book documenting historical data about three species of deer and four species of large predators.

Krohn is an avid sportsman and since retiring in 2011 continues to study various aspects of Maine’s environmental history. In October 2014, Dr. Krohn received the Geddes W. Simpson Award from the University of Maine. This award annually recognizes one individual for providing “significant insight into the area where science and history intersect.” In introducing Krohn’s Simpson Lecture, environmental historian Richard W. Judd noted that “Dr. Krohn combined his professional research with his personal interest in early Maine hunters, trappers, and fur dealers to create, literally a whole new field of research in Maine wildlife history.”

Below is a list of Krohn’s history related work (largely done after his retirement), including on-going projects dealing with Maine’s outdoor heritage.


Present Emeritus Professor of Wildlife Ecology, University of Maine Wildlife, Fisheries, and Conservation Biology

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