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Electrochemical Deposition Method Utilizing Microdroplets of Solution
Boise State Patents
  • William B. Knowlton, Boise State University
  • Dale D. Russell, Boise State University
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Boise State University
A method of electrochemical deposition uses microdroplets of electrolytic solution over a targeted small circuit element. Only the targeted circuit element is electrically biased so that deposition occurs on the surface of that element, underneath the microdroplet, and nowhere else unless it is under other microdroplet(s). The invented method achieves extremely accurate and selective electrochemical deposition with a tiny amount of electrolytic solution, compared to conventional submersive and/or immersive methods, and eliminates the need for masking or etching, reducing the costs of manufacture and amount of waste electrolytic solution produced.

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William B. Knowlton and Dale D. Russell. "Electrochemical Deposition Method Utilizing Microdroplets of Solution" (2009)
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