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First Families; the Genesis Account
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  • William Paul Haas
The Book of Genesis is principally a description of the emergence of interconnected families with specific relationships such as husband and wife, husband and wife-surrogate ( distinct from prostitutes and harlots ) sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, fathers-sons-daughters-in-law. Love, loyalty, fidelity and affection appear often and in many forms, but no family portrayed in Genesis appears as immune to exploitation, manipulation, trickery, treachery, lust, hatred or murder. Both men and women are seen as active forces in the destiny of these troubled families, for good and ill. We ourselves still bear a likeness to these ancient portraits and many bear their names, Adam, Eve, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, Rachel and Joseph, to cite only a few familiar names. This essay is not a formal exegesis. It marks a stage in an ongoing personalenquiry. Also, it is offered as an invitation to those interested in the evolution of family life to look where they might not expect to find anything worth while. What I found is hardly final - for me or for anyone else. Those religious and political leaders who are currently concerned with the plight of families might take a close look at the families which are portrayed in the Book of Genesis.
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William Paul Haas. "First Families; the Genesis Account" (2015)
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