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State of the Art: The Duty to Obey the Law
Legal Theory
  • William A. Edmundson, Georgia State University College of Law
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This "state of the art" piece critically surveys the recent literature on political obligation, a/k/a the duty to obey the law. Authors discussed include Joseph Raz, John Simmons, Leslie Green, George Klosko, Christopher Wellman, Jeremy Waldron, Philip Soper, Mark Murphy, Margaret Gilbert, Ronald Dworkin, Michael Hardimon, and A.D.M. Walker. Not-so-recent writings by John Rawls, Robert Nozick, and H.L.A. Hart also come into the discussion.

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William Edmundson, State of the Art: The Duty to Obey the Law, 10 Legal Theory 215 (2004) , reprinted in Lloyd's Introduction to Jurisprudence (Michael Freeman, ed., Sweet & Maxwell 2009).