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American Democracy in Peril: Seven Challenges to America’s Future
  • William E. Hudson, Providence College
With the economic crisis, intense partisan gridlock, and social movements like the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street, American Democracy in Peril encapsulates the tumultuous state of American politics more than ever. Hudson's provocative book offers a structured yet critical look at the functioning of the American political system. This new edition incorporates the far-ranging impact of the Obama presidency - and the polarization that has accompanied it - along with these key updates: -New discussion of the barriers of the separation of powers system, including the tortured politics of health care reform, the threats of government shutdown over deficit reform, and the use of institutional vetoes to prevent economic stimulus measures -New developments from the last election cycles, including changes in party politics, campaign funding, campaign media technologies and social media, and efforts at voter suppression -Fresh examination of the financial deregulation that led to the crisis, the massive financial bailout, and rising economic inequality -New insight regarding Obama's continuity with Bush-era national security practices from the use of secrecy to centralized executive control of policy.
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CQ Press
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William E. Hudson. American Democracy in Peril: Seven Challenges to America’s Future. 7th EditionWashington, DC(2013)
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