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Type II Technology Applications in Teacher Education: Using Instant Messenger to Implement Structured Online Class Discussions
Computers in the Schools
  • Lih-Ching Chen Wang, Cleveland State University
  • William A. Beasley, Cleveland State University
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The use of the Instant Messenger (IM) environment to carry out structured online class discussions in graduate teacher education courses is described. Properties of IM are delineated, and specific procedures in using IM as a vehicle for class discussions are discussed. Attributes of Type II technology applications are addressed directly, and the characteristics of these class activities that correspond with such attributes are discussed in detail. In closing, the authors draw a clear distinction between casual IM use in a class setting and planned, structured implementation of IM as an example of a Type II technology application.
Citation Information
Wang, L. C., & Beasley, W. (2005). Type II technology applications in teacher education: Using instant messenger to implement structured online class discussions. Computers in the Schools, 22(1/2), 71-84. doi:10.1300/J025v22n01_07