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Creating Accessible Web-Based Content from Classroom Powerpoint Files
International Journal of Instructional Media
  • William A. Beasley, Cleveland State University
  • Moana Jarvis, Cleveland State University
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Microsoft PowerPoint files are widely used in many educational contexts, and are often placed on the World Wide Web as a means of distribution. However, they often are not designed or created in ways which make such Web-based PowerPoint files accessible to audiences with disabilities. Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act causes this to be of particular interest to institutions which receive Federal funding. This article describes five different methodologies for converting existing PowerPoint files to accessible Web pages, provides a comparison of strengths and weaknesses, and makes recommendations for those faced with the necessity of carrying out such conversions.
Citation Information
Beasley, W., & Jarvis, M. (2007). Creating accessible web-based content from classroom Powerpoint files. International Journal of Instructional Media, 34(1), 9-16.