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International Computer Networks: A Natural Environment for Enrichment of the Gifted/Talented Curriculum
Gifted International
  • William A. Beasley, Cleveland State University
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Over a million computers throughout the world are connected to each other via a variety of networks and meta-networks (e.g., the Internet). This article describes the major educational applications of such networks and summarizes the requirements for educators who wish to utilize them. Electronic mail, mailing lists and listservs, remote database access, online research projects, and shared simulations are explained, and their potential application to gifted education discussed. Emphasis is placed on the use of networks to expand the range of information and activities available to the gifted/talented population.
Citation Information
Beasley, W. A. (1993). International computer networks: A natural environment for enrichment of the gifted/talented curriculum. Gifted International, 8(1), 27-31.