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Gopher, World Wide Web, and Wide Area Information Servers: Three Internet Resources for the Gifted Education Community
Gifted and Talented International
  • William A Beasley, Cleveland State University
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The explosive growth of the Internet as a means of exchanging information among computers throughout the globe has made it increasingly accessible to educators in general and educators of the gifted in particular. Since the rapidly evolving online environment remains poorly organized and relatively unindexed, non-technical users need resources which can help them navigate this potentially bewildering terrain. Three such resources commonly available are Gopher, World Wide Web, and Wide Area Information Servers. Gopher is a widely replicated program which creates a menu structure for accessing widely varying types of information organized as hypertext online. Wide Area Information Servers are lengthy lists of online databases which can be searched by keyword to provide retrieval of full-text documents. This article describes methods of accessing these resources, distinguishes among the types of information they provide, and discusses their usability in the context of educating gifted and talented students.
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Beasley, W. A. (1994). Gopher, world wide web, and wide area information servers: Three online resources for the gifted education community. Gifted and Talented International, 9(2), 47-51.