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Human Rights Framework and Analysis: The Inmate Family and Friends Forum
  • William T Armaline, San Jose State University
  • E. Kinney
This report specifically addresses the public testimony of inmates’ family and friends, the social and historical context for this testimony, and the legal and policy frameworks for custodial operations and international human rights of prisoners. In addition, the data that underlie our recommendations are consistent with the Jail Conditions: Inmate, Staff & Family Perspectives report presented to the Blue Ribbon Commission (BRC) by the law firm Moscone Emblidge & Otis, LLP. It is also consistent with consultant Aaron B. Zisser’s report to the BRC on the grievance and complaint system in Santa Clara County jails (both reports are included as appendices to this report). Admittedly, the public forum held by the JRC was smaller in scope, yet we arrive at very similar conclusions with some unique emphases derived from family and friend’s testimony. 
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William T Armaline and E. Kinney. "Human Rights Framework and Analysis: The Inmate Family and Friends Forum" (2016)
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