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About William Dean Plikerd

Dr. William Plikerd graduated from The Ohio State University’s College of Dentistry in 1961 and completed his Orthodontic Specialty in 1967. He has treated patients with a wide variety of dental and orthodontic problems. Born with an inherent gift of empathy and intuition, he extensively studied many aspects of Holistic Health, Nutrition, Therapeutic Touch and particularly Cranial Sacral Therapy, in a desire to optimize his abilities as efficacy as a healthcare provider.

In April 2010, Dr. Plikerd was introduced to Guruji Mahendra Kumar Trivedi through his website. He was amazed to learn Mr. Trivedi has the unique ability to harness energy from the universe and transmit it, through his intention, into living organisms and nonliving materials anywhere on earth. This energy acts with intelligence to optimize the recipient’s potential. This phenomenon has become internationally known as The Trivedi Effect®. Over 4,000 scientific studies in agriculture, livestock, genetics, biotechnology, microbiology, cancer and human health and nearly 200 publications in leading scientific journals, as well as over 250,000 testimonials, document the beneficial results of the Trivedi Effect®.

After receiving his first energy transmission, Dr. Plikerd experienced a peaceful sleep and awoke with greater enthusiasm and renewed hope for what the future might bring. Under the continuing influence of the Trivedi Effect®, Dr. Plikerd has experienced an increase in his ability to harness and transmit Universal energy. He is dedicated to utilizing his gift to benefit humanity.


Research Interests

Biofield, Material Science, and Cell Biology

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